Updates! Updates! Updates! And the importance of backups!

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This last week, we have been releasing lots of updates as you may have noticed. We are working on rolling out our new Project enVision homepage throughout these next two weeks to better serve our new communities, and we have been upgrading our blog and servers as well.

Unfortunately, during one of these upgrades, our dev team realized the importance of maintaining backups when they accidentally wiped our entire Project enVision blog. By the time our team realized, we had already lost 90% of our blog posts - yay!

Jokes aside, these are the small things we learn when we are developing projects like this, and I am sure we have all now learned the importance of backups from this experience. While we are obviously disappointed by the loss of all our awesome posts, we are confident we will continue to post just as great content in the future.

If you spot any bugs on our websites/servers, please shoot us an email! We expect to have all regions updated by November 15th, 2019.