Retiring the Registration Page

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Wow, I never thought we would reach the stage to have to retire a registration page. I also never thought I would be retiring a page on the internet, but here we are.

All jokes aside, the reason we are making such a big deal about this transition is because this might come as a major change to many people who register directly through our website. It's also a big moment for all of us at Project enVision. Why? Because, we are moving on an upward path. In 2015, this page didn't even exist, because we didn't have enough events to display. In 2016, we created the Registration to display our courses that we were running in collaboration with the SJPL.

And now, in 2018, we are redesigning the page to showcase events from all our partners; Community Centers, Libraries, Schools, and more.

So what exactly is happening

That's an excellent question. Here is what is changing on June 15th, 2018:

  • The Registration Page is going to be redesigned to a general events page. We will only showcase certain events, and will be working closely with our partners to advertise other events to the local community.
  • You will no longer be able to view Project enVision Library Courses. These will be available on each library's respective site.

Why is this happening?

As I previously mentioned, it is just no longer feasible to continue maintaining just a Library Registration Page. We are working with many Libraries, Community Centers, and Schools, and we would like to be able to showcase all events on one centralized page.

Many of our partners wanted to reach the local community directly, opposed to students/attendees from across the city attending. Our goal is to provide a simplified experience for you, and show you courses/events/ that you may attend. We had many instances this year, in which we had conflicts with the attending party and location, as the local community was not able to get involved.

That's all for now! Have a great rest of your day :)