Project enVision Announces Launch of Second Joint-Venture with NASA and QuestForSpace at Lairon College Preparatory

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Project enVision is proud to announce the launch of the second Joint Venture between Project enVision, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and QuestForSpace, to create STEM Space Exploration programs at Title-I schools, at Lairon College Preparatory in San Jose, California.

Through the Space Exploration Lab, students will design experiments through a 12-week course that will engage them in multiple areas of STEM, from learning programming to understanding how gravity works. At the end of the course, students will deploy their experiments and send them to NASA and QuestForSpace who will then run it on the International Space Station.

Along with the teachers at Lairon, Project enVision volunteers will be mentoring the students through their experiments, teaching them concepts ranging from Computer Science to Chemistry.

Since 2018, Project enVision has launched 2 sustainable STEM programs at Title-I schools, providing funding, laptops, mentorship and more. Project enVision works alongside schools to ensure that programs are built to last for years to come, bringing Space closer to thousands of students.

image of Rushil Srivastava at Lairon

Pictured: Rushil Srivastava unveiling the program in a classroom at Lairon College Preparatory

Project enVision's President, Rushil Srivastava, said the following in a statement: "I am inspired by the curiosity of the students at Lairon and I can't wait to see the awesome experiments they will work on and send to the International Space Station later this year."

Project enVision is committed to bringing high quality STEM learning opportunities to students everywhere. This project is part of Project enVision's Inspire program, a program dedicated to incubating new nonprofit projects led by young people.